The general age guideline for this classroom is children ages birth to one year of age. In Classroom #1, Cuddles & Coos, it is the teachers goal to make sure that the infants they care for grow and develop as they should. They strive to treat each infant as an individual and recognize their unique needs. Play and social interaction is very important for infants. It is how they discover the new world around them. The teachers implement activities that will build and strengthen the babies social and cognitive development as well as fine and gross motor skills that will help the baby succeed all throughout their lives. The teachers in Classroom #1 view the first year of an infants life to be the most important. They work hard to make sure that each family is involved by providing a detailed report every day including feedings, nap, & diaper changes, as well as any special firsts or milestones.

NOTE: The age group for this classroom is a general guideline and is based on each child's individual development.

**Although it is difficult to make a strict schedule in an infant room, we do have a general schedule that we try to stick to so that the infants become used to routine.

**Infants not yet eating table food will be fed as per own schedule / feeding demands.